Designed according to customer`s requirements and of the shelf iapproved power transformers, 
Meeting the safety requirements of different countries

Encapsulated transformer offers high reliability, electrical insulation and moisture resistance. The construction meets safety standards of VDE, UL,CE​

Toroidal transformers have high efficiency, low magnetic stray field and low temperature rise, designed according to customer`s requirements.​

High Frequency transformers & coils based on custom design (SMT & TH) to meet various international standards, Such as UL, CSA, VDE, CE, etc.​

Linear and switching power adaptors are made according to the international safety standards such as: GS, BS, TUV, UL Level VI & RoHS compliant for:

I.T.E & Medical Systems.

High efficient & compact size transformers and inductors, high operating frequencies, Low price of the shelf and custom design transformers. ​

High efficiency & compact size open frame PSU of the shelf and custom design, certified for international safety approvals for I.T.E and for Medical. ​

Open Frame Power Supply

Assembly projects, special plastic molds, CNC mechanical parts and special copper lead frames and copper bars, made in China and India.​